CDN Content Delivery Service

Our CDN service can be implemented quickly and easily on any existing website, and supports SSL, HTTP Pull and pre-caching of resources.

3-month FREE Trial

Try our CDN service completely free for 3 months...

Secure data transfer

To ensure data is transmitted securely, a free shared SSL is included with all CDN plans.

Speed-up your website content

Multiple worldwide servers ensures content is always served from the best possible location.

Content always available

If there's a problem with a PoP, our servers failover automatically to keep your content online.

Our CDN features include...

Our CDN service provides essential features to accelerate your content online, fast and securely.

Instant Activation

Our CDN is easy to set up and manage, our 24/7 support team is here should you ever need assistance.

Rich media support

With our CDN you can accelerate the delivery of HTML, CSS, Javascript, images, JSON, XML, multi-format video, flash, audio and much more.

DDoS Protector Locations

With all our CDN plans we include protection against DDoS as standard.

Global load balancing

Content is always served from the most optimum location using our intelligent DNS service.

Persistent connections

Our CDN service ensures delivery speed is maximised with our persistent server connections.

Automatic Failover

Have peace-of-mind with our CDNs automated failover; should any issue with a PoP occur, we will keep your content online.

Competitive CDN pricing

CDN plans & prices

Use Remix's SSL content delivery network (CDN) to serve your content at locations closer to your visitors which decreases latency and increases download speeds and so improves page load times and remove the load from your website.

Based on the anycast routing methodology content is served to visitors at the closest geographic location to them from sites around the world from Australia to Sweden and from South Africa to Salt Lake City.



Per month

Ideal for any website moving less than 50GB per month. 99.5% of our customers will fit this plan, and will see speed improvements from it.

  • SSL included
  • Locations worldwide
  • Pre-caching

Order this 50GB CDN service:

If you require more than 500GB of transfer per month then please get in contact with us - we can cater for as high as you need to go!

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