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Oct 26, 2018
Car Paint Heat Lamp
Product Parameter
Model nameLD-6AL
Voltage380V,50/60Hz,3 phase
Drying area2000x1200mm
Drying temperature40-100°C
Maximum working height1500mm
Materialmade of 304 stainless steel
Working lifemore than 8000 hours
Main Features
1, It is used for partial paint of automobile body, infrared short-wave tube, and it does not need to enter the baking room when baking small-sized body, which is convenient, time-saving and cost-saving.
2, The lampshade is made of aluminum alloy and mirror stainless steel.
3, The bracket is made of steel (tube), which is sturdy, beautiful and durable.
4, The lamp used in the baking machine is a special short-wave infrared halogen double-explosion-proof heating tube designed according to the requirements of automotive paint. The heat energy is uniform, the baking effect is fast, the luminosity is soft. It can prevent the water mist from causing the heat pipe to rupture and cause the paint surface to be damaged.
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