We're Making Web Hosting Great Again!

For to many years web hosting companies have turned into corporate giants, bullying customers by providing lackluster customer support plagued with downtime and outdated technology.

RemixInc was founded to fill the much-needed void in the web hosting industry offering high-speed cloud web hosting with unparalleled customer service and uptime.

It's our goal to help power our customer's websites into the future and provide a pleasant experience so they can spend their time on what's most important, running their business.

Let us be your web hosting hero and rescue your website from the corporate evildoers!

Remix Inc Industry Reviews

"Remix Inc is by far the best Hosting company. I have been with many other top hosting providers.. BUT RemixInc's customer service is 24 hrs..They have a very responsive team that goes out of their way to provide fast and reliable services.. My site's are fast and when building WordPress sites, I can work with ease. Best package: price, quality, customer service, response time, no down time, SSD Raid 10 secured storage, 99.9% Uptime (for real), Pay As You Grow, 24/7 support, and more... They Provide High Quality Cloud Web Hosting For An Affordable Price.. RemixInc Rocks!!!" - Vincet DeMauro transformmarketingllc.com

"They have been incredible! The support is legendary compared to the big guys. Granted... if you pay a pretty penny to the larger hosting companies they do cater to you more but at RemixInc... everyone is treated with the same amount of respect in getting your situation taking care of. I have moved dozens of sites over because of the confidence I have been shown in taking care of me. It never is a question of IF something can go wrong but WHEN. That is WHEN you need to know that you'll have some guidance in resolving any issues if any. I also run a reseller program through them that has helped our business grow." - Michael Stults bripardun.com

"RemixInc.com is a fantastic Web host. We've been using them since February 2018 and could not be happier with the results. The innovative cloud infrastructure has saved my company thousands and increased traffic because of the decreased loading time. Support and security are top-notch here and I love being able to buy domains with ease. Two thumbs up from an extremely satisfied customer!" - Richard Gray wrestlingnewsworld.com

"I have had literally no issues with Remix Inc. Well, there was one time when I somehow double paid my invoice. I wrote their support and they let me know what was going on. It was all taken care of within 1 day and basically my account had a "credit" on it. Easy! Other than that, I'm a happy customer and I wouldn't hesitate recommending Remix Inc to my friends." - Miguel Flores tomballlawnservice.com

"I am an intermediate web hosting user. I have purchased several domain names and the intermediate hosting package from Remix Inc. From the time I started, through adding products my experience has been terrific. Remix Inc has educational videos and instructions on setting up your website, hosting, email and other web services. Since I started out as a beginner I took full advantage of these helpful tools. At one point I locked myself out of my cpanel, I submitted a service ticket and someone was incredibly fast in helping me access my account. One of the best things about Remix Inc is the very reasonable prices on their products. I would highly recommend Remix Inc!" - Trey Poteet mylifetl.com

"I have nothing but positive things to say about this great hosting company. I love the fact that my server has more options out of the box than your normal, run of the mill corporate hosting company. Anything from allocation of memory and to PHP.ini, these guys have it all figured out. And, most importantly, a support staff that will not rest until you are happy and any bumps in your server road are taken care of. I will continue to build my business with Remix Inc. Accept no SUBSTITUTES! Get a HERO in your life..." - Preston Taylor nextleapmedia.com

"Been using Remix Inc for over a year on a reseller account. I LOVE these guys. the support is outstanding (Never had an issue that they couldn't solve within 12 hours), the servers are rock solid, fast with all bells and whistles and the price is good too. If you are looking for a good host. Remix Inc is a no-brainer!" - Isaac Ohana ohanamedia.ca

"I love RemixInc. I am a freelance front-end developer. But I'm not good at set up or customizing domains, DNS and cPanel such and such. Their support is awesome! Always quick response, accurate answers, helpful tips. I haven't seen down time which is very nice. I do like their Client Page. Easy to navigate, clean and simple. Mostly, I like affordable prices." - Yuki Rosene yukirosene.com

"In the past days we installed new web sites on your hosting servers so far we like the High tech support and fast respond . I will defiantly recommend on your Hosting and grate support. Hope to increase our business with you in the future. even for more services . Thanks Ron" - Ron Chon ronchone.com

"I have had a great experience with RemixInc. They have always been super fast with any tech support, I frequently ask them questions that are probably beyond the scope of what they are offering but have always been super helpful and willing to help with whatever I'm doing. I have only gotten 1 notification of downtime in a year and it was just for a couple minutes. Speed seems pretty good from what I can tell, I mean it's never been slow." - Troy Coroles ingenuityagency.com

Remix Inc Uptime

We're not going to BS you about our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee; that would be easy. Here are 3rd-party Uptime Reports from the srtat of of company lunch this year 2018.

Remix Inc Support Reviews

The following are actual screenshots from our Ticket Review Feedback section. Support techs are rated on a 1 - 10 scale:

July 2018 Support Reviews

June 2018 Support Reviews

May 2018 Support Reviews